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Sam (3 Year Old Girl)

Therapies and treatments : AIT, OT, SPEECH, ABA

Hi Everyone!

I would also like to share our experience with AIT. We started last week at STLC with Steph, the same day as Michelle. My child, Sam, is 3 years old. She is verbal, but we are often limited to “I want…..” and some 3 word sentences.

During our first week of AIT, her ABA asked her,“How are you?” and we were astounded when all of a sudden, she answered, “I’m fine.” She would never ever answer before without any prompting, and we usually just get “fine” for an answer. Also, when her yaya told her your Mommy is calling you, she said “My Mommy is calling me”….she finally got the concept of ME, YOU, and MY!

During midweek, when we were trying to get a urine sample for a lab test, she steadfastly refused to let us catch her urine in a cup. She ordered us to “Put on panty! Put on Underwear! Open the door, I want to go home!”

On the expressway, we were beside an ambulance. Usually, she would freak out at certain noises and would start humming to herself and covering her ears. We were beside the noisy ambulance for a good 10 minutes since it was so traffic….she just pointed at it and said, “It’s an ambulance!”

One day, she got her clips out of her drawer and told her yaya “I want to fix hair” when it was done, she said “I want to see mirror” and upon seeing herself, she said “Its nice”. While shopping, she grabbed a shirt off a hanger and said, “I want to wear dress”. I also noticed that she started brushing her hair away from her face….she seemed more aware of herself and of her environment.

She has demonstrated so much spontaneous language, that my husband and I are always surprised at the things we never thought she knew! The clincher was, when we dicovered that she really understood Tagalog! My husband asked her “Anong gusto mo?” and she answered “I want to study to drive the car” My husband was so happy that he let her sit with him on the driver’s seat.

We are now on our last week of AIT. She has started trying to engage her younger sister in play activities like any NT 3 year old would do. We were so excited, we had to catch it on video. So many subtle improvements have been emerging! I am very hopeful that we wil be seeing more in the next few months.

She became more stubborn (in a good way of course) and she is more verbal in her stubborness and assertiveness! Her therapists report that she has become more demanding and also verbal in her refusal to comply with certain tasks. As in she would say “I want to don’t want!” “I want to stay here” “I don’t like…….”

We have been on Biomeds for almost a year. I think the combination of different interventions and therapies has helped us a lot. We’re not yet recovered, we still have issues to deal with. But we are very hopeful that her recovery is indeed possible.

Mom of Sam 3 years old