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Kelot (5 Year Old Boy)

Therapies/Treatment: AIT, Speech, OT, ABA, SPED

In February of 2008, Kelot was able to get AIT treatment. On his first day, he was readily able to accept the headphones. In the evening, we noticed that he kept grinding his teeth. On his 2nd day, he started taking interest in Mother Goose mini books which he used to ignore before. Like on the first day, we noticed that he continued to grind his teeth. He played with the Mother Goose mini books again.

Kelot who was always using one or two word phrases, totally surprised us by talking on the 2nd day. He said . “Daddy he wants to go to the other room.” Although this sentence was grammatically wrong, because Kelot still has confusion in the proper usage of the word “I” to refer to himself. He was also able to say “ I want to pack away 15 books.”

On Kelot’s 3rd day of AIT, it was like a faucet had turned on. Kelot was saying so many things. Like telling his Nanny to wake up at 2:00 am. He also told his Nanny “to go down and get something”. He would ask “where is Mommy and Daddy.” We were amazed at this increased awareness, because Kelot never asked about our whereabouts. He was also able to say spontaneous and appropriate phrases like “Daddy where is my notebook?” or “Daddy please get my notebook.” He also tried getting his Nanny to try the headphones. “ Please wear my earphones, “ Kelot would say.

He also seemed to want to stay with us now. He would say “ Daddy, Mommy, you go with me down stairs.” He would also say how he had an accident on the bed like “ I peed 2 times on the bed.” In his room, he has a cd player and a set of cds he listens to. He usually just likes to fiddle with them, but today he was able to ask his Nanny. “ is cd disc a toy?”. He also expressed curiousity about our next door neighbors and told me that he wanted to go to the next house. He was able to ask for toys that he wants to play with, saying “ I need some numbers”. Aside from this, we were also surprised at his expression of imagination like pretending to be a turtle and telling his Nanny, “I am a turtle.”

On the 4th day of AIT, Kelot who was particularly irritated with Sean his 3 year old brother that day, told his Nanny that “Sean is not my brother.” Kelot and Sean usually play in the same room together. Kelot remarked “ I want to change the room.” When asked what he wanted to change in the room, he did not respond anymore. But when Sean started singing his favorite songs, Kelot told Sean. “Sean, don’t sing it’s noisy.”. We were so amazed by this change of attitude. Usually if Kelot doesn’t like something that Sean does, it ‘s an instant catfight. Kelot will just go over and hit Sean if he wants him to quiet down.

He surprised us in the afternoon when he remarked about an electric mosquito killer which had always irritated him every time any one in the family turned it on. He said, “Kelot scared with the mosquito killer when I turn on.”

On the 5th day of AIT, he was able to say a few more new phrases again like “That’s for Lalaine only.” Or “ Get big boys.” After therapy in school, he told us that he was good listening to Teacher Marj.”

On the 6th day of AIT, Kelot surprised us again by asking “where is Daddy?” I asked him “do you know where Daddy is?”He said . “ Daddy go down stair and eat because daddy is hungry.” This floored me because it is the first time I ever heard use because is a sentence and use it appropriately.

Kelot’s way of playing cars changed. He started lining all the cars he had in his room. When asked what ‘s he doing he said “ Kelot line up the cars from big to small”. He would also make observations like “Grandma is on the little bed, me on the big bed.” He also made statements like “ I want to get the flashlight inside the toilet.” He also told his Grandfather. “ Please put the emergency light in the dark place.”

He was also toilet trained on this day. He refused to put on diapers before sleeping and woke up his Nanny at 3:00 am to pee.
On the 7th day of AIT, Kelot is playing with his cars again. He asks “ How many cars?” If asked what the cars are doing, he replies . “ The cars are parking now.” He also shows some defiance like when prompted to hug his Grandmother. He said, “hugging is bad” and “ I don’t want to hug and kiss Grandma.” He would now ask his Nanny to accompany him to the toilet, saying “ Come with me in the toilet.”. His capacity for pretend play is better. His Pooh bear which he has always slept with since he was little is now part of his imaginative play. He would tell the bear to “ Climb on my knee.”

For some reason his defiance also extended to playing with things that he knows he is not supposed to play with like cds and rubbing alcohol. When told not to play with his cds, he said . “Cars is not a toys. Cd is a toys.” When told not to play with alcohol, he said . “ I want to drink alcohol because alcohol is a water.” When he cried today, he was able to say. “ Kelot is crying.”

On the 8th day of AIT, Kelot told his Nanny. “That’s not mine, the medicine.” He also told her what he did after taking his chewable multivitamins “ I spit chewable in the toilet.” He also said . “ I want to dictate.” Although I am not sure if he really knows what dictate means. He played with alphabet letters and when asked what he was doing, he said “ Kelot lining up the alphabet letter.”

Mealtime is often routinary for my son who is a very picky eater. He again surprised us today by saying “Wow, some food.” with much enthusiasm. He got his spoon, scooped some rice from his plate and dumped it in his soup. After doing that, he said “ I put rice in the soup that’s very nice.”

After dinner, Kelot played with his Daddy in the room. Kelot hid inside the dark bathroom and called his Daddy. He said “ Daddy, I’m here in the dark place.” He then called out and said “ Daddy you go with me into the dark place and go up in the 3rd floor.”

On the 8th day of AIT, Kelot greeted his Nanny today by saying “ Thank you and good morning.” Kelot’s grandpa sometimes likes to bring him to Mc Donald’s in the morning. Kelot pointed out the car to Grandpa and said. “ I want to ride this car and go to hotcake.”

Conversation today with his Nanny while eating. Kelot spits his food. Nanny tells Kelot not to spit his food. Kelot says “ Tell Nanny when you spit.” He has his small magnetic alphabet letters on hand and tells his Nanny. “ I want to put letter on the soup.”

Kelot’s Auntie Joyce visits him while Kelot is playing with the lined up cars in the room. Auntie Joyce asks him what the cars are doing. Kelot replies. “All the cars go out in the pink room and look for a new room.” He also tells her “not to get the wheel”. His playing of cars also includes remarks on doors like “ Two doors are open. “ or “Two doors are closed.” He also expresses an interest in cleaning the cars. He said “ I want to wash car inside the toilet.” He notices that his aunt is happy playing with him and says “ Auntie Joyce is happy” and this is first time we’ve seen him use expressions for emotions without prompting. He also notices for the first time what color shirt people are wearing and asks about the colors.

On the 9th day of AIT, he greeted his Daddy, “Good morning, Daddy.” He was very particular about the time he woke up today and the time his brother woke up. He said “Wake up at 9:00 am.” And add. “Sean wake up at 9:10 am.”

On the 10th day of AIT, Kelot was able to say the following phrases. “How do like that.” “I don’t like that.” And “Everyone will eat food.” He was also able to express his desire to go to the kitchen, saying ‘ I want to go to the kitchen and cook some food.” He was also able to tell his Nanny to “please fix the cars and say bye bye.” And asked “where’s pedialyte please get”. And while playing his little Mother Goose books again, he said “ Kelot line up the Mother Goose books.

Today I got the biggest surprise of my life. I came down stairs to find Kelot standing on the stool of the piano. He was looking at me. As in really looking at me, smiling and had his arms wide open. He called to me and said. “ Mommy, come! Come here Mommy!” I said “Yes, Kelot?” and immediately went to him. He hugged me and said “ I Love You, Mommy.” I said. “ I love you too, Kelot. Mommy loves you very much.” It is the best belated Valentine’s gift ever.

I nearly cried, I couldn’t believe that he was looking at me, finally seeing me as Mommy. And being able to say “ I Love You.” After all these years of waiting and praying for Kelot to come out of his shell, Kelot had finally emerged from his world. God had given us a miracle.

Three months after AIT, I took Kelot to see his developmental pediatrician again. Dr. S. was very much surprised by Kelot. He told me that Kelot was close to being a normal child. Dr. S. said that “ there were only nuances left of his autism.”
In school and therapy, Kelot progressed incredibly well. He is more independent in his work. He is more focused. He is more verbal and able to express his needs well. Although we still have a lot issues that we need to work on, we feel that AIT was critical in mainstreaming Kelot.

9 months after the 1st round of AIT:

My son recently finished his 2nd round of AIT . What I can share with you that his sensitivity to our irritating next door neighborhood rooster and firecrackers has lessened. Although we are not as lucky as other kids are, when it comes to the fireworks. hahaha. Pero nabawasan na rin ang aming 3 am vigils.

He now knows how to ask for headphones whereas before he used to cry or just freeze in place because he felt so helpless against the noise.

He is more interactive and looks at us more. He also uses words now like ” Sige na, Yaya. . ” or ” Teacher, you are not listening to me. ” Teacher would ask him, “why are you a Teacher?” . He was able to reply ” Yes, I’m Teacher Kelot..”

Today, I was so surprised that he stopped me before I went to work and asked . “Mommy, where are you going?” I replied ” to office” and then “What time will you go home?” I answered : 6 o clock. His follow up question to that was . ” Is that AM or PM? ” I replied “PM” and after that he said good bye to me.

Even now, i still get surprised that he insists on escorting me now to the door everytime I say good night and exit the room. He insists on closing the door for me . Before he would just ignore me and I would have to call him several times to get his attention.

But I honestly don’t think we’d be here today without the combination of all our therapies working together in harmony.