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Here’s a short checklist to help parents and teachers assess if a child can benefit from Auditory Integration Training:

Check the items which describe the child. If you end up checking many of the items in the checklist, consider reading the posted information on AIT and LEARNING SEMINARS .

___ Needs instructions repeated several times

___ Works better with visual prompts rather than just listening to words

___ Difficulty with phonics

___ Problems recalling what was heard last week, month or year

___ Sensory Integration problems

___ Cannot always relate to what is seen or heard

___ Lacks motivation to learn

___ Short attention span

___ Speaks only on command or needs to be prompted

___ Easily distracted by noise

___ Difficulty finding words to express oneself

___ Poor handwriting

___ Delayed response to questions

___ Cannot concentrate on noise or crowds

___ Startles easily

___ Doesn’t respond when name is called

___ Doesn’t make eye contact

___ Hears airplanes, cars, trains before anyone else

___ Cannot blow nose

___ Picky eater

___ Doesn’t like to wait

___ Has history of ear infection

___ Doesn’t pay attention or listen to instructions

___ Daydreams

___ Covers ears when sounds are objectionable

___ Learns poorly through verbal instruction

___ Says “Huh ” or “what” at least 5 x a day

___ Hums or makes noises to himself

___ History of hearing loss

___ Does not comprehend many words-poor verbal concept for age and grade