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K (5 Year Old Boy)

Therapies/Treatment: AIT, SPEECH, OT, ABA

Before AIT, K was so sensitive to loud noises. He would often runaway and hide or cover his ears whenever he hears a loud noise or something he is not so familiar with.

We ended first week of November last year, my family and I were planning na where to spend the New Year because we all know how noisy it can get here sa pinas come new year’s eve.

But just a month after AIT, napansin namin that K doesn’t runaway anymore. He’ll just look over lang kung saan nanggaling yung loud noise and then deadma lang.

That first time, i thought, baka tsamba lang. But then, kids in our neighborhood started playing na with some fireworks, na before, Kythe would definitely runaway from or natataranta once he hears it.

But surprisingly (or not), he did not panicked or runaway, rather he would look at me and tell me… BOOM BOOM! meaning loud noise or fireworks. So to tell the story short… his fears with loud noises suddenly stopped. AND… he lets me clean his ears na!

Without fidgeting or bribery needed… charan!! Our success story with AIT so far.

Notes from his OT and ABA also said that he can now follow auditory commands with three elements na. Definitely a success whereas before, he tends to forget what he was supposed to do two or three seconds after it was asked from him.

AIT is definitely worth a try lalo na for kids with hearing sensitivity.