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8 year old boy with ADHD and his improvements after AIT

J. is an 8 year old boy diagnosed with attention deficit disorder at age 2 by a developmental pediatrician. Mom noticed that J was delayed in many aspects. His mom found AIT after doing research on therapies that helped improve sound sensitivity.

He started speech therapy at age 2 (once a week). He also started OT at age 2 (2x a week). At age 4, J. Also started ABA (2x a week 2 hours per session).

J is verbal , echolalic with limited speech. He speaks when he wants something like food or toys or wants to go out.

He was very uncooperative during assessment and would shout “Wee wee” even if he just peed and would try to remove the headphones from his head. His mom and yaya would have to hold him and prevent his hands from removing the headphones. After the session, he kept going to the electric fan and is fascinated. He finds it difficult to sit down and would keep moving around, dragging the yaya with him.


He recently went to see a DAN doctor for treatment. He was given vitamins and placed on the GFCF (gluten free cassein free diet).

Mom’s expectations :

  1. For J to be less sensitive to sounds (reduced shouting/ startling after hearing unfavorable sounds).
  2. For J to be able to focus more on assigned /required tasks.
  3. For J to demonstrate less hyperactivity
  4. For J to demonstrate less fixation on spinning objects like ceiling fan, aircon, exhaust, evaporator, etc.
  5. For J to demonstrate even better comprehension and speaking skills.

1st session : J is uncooperative and refuses to go in. He literally has to be pulled by his mom, his two yayas and Teacher into the room. He is also very strong and refuses to sit quietly. He tries to remove his headphones several times. He also keeps talking loudly. Mom has to hold him to cooperate. The afternoon session is pretty much the same . J will say “ Wee wee. Bye. Bye Teacher.” “No.” At the end of the session. J is prompted and asked “ Are you done? Say “I’m done or I’m finished” J is able to say “ I’m finished” easily. On the 2nd session, he is again uncooperative and needs to be held by him mom and yaya. He said “ Wiwi. Bye bye. No more. Bye bye. “ When someone left the room to get something, J says “ Close the door.” At times he ‘ll say “ I’m finished” during the session even if the session isn’t done yet. He surprises everyone in the end by saying “ I thank you. I’m finished.”

2nd session: J was little bit more cooperative this time. He also seems calmer. He doesn’t run around the room. His mom talked to him and he listened enough to sit down. He tries to dislodge headphones several times. He told Teacher Steph “ Hi Girl. Hi Lola. “ “ Hi Boy.” “Girl.” “Boy” “Lola” several times. Teacher Steph turned off the aircon for a while as the room had become too cold. J looks at Teacher Steph and says” Turn on the aircon Lola.” Mom laughs and say J “Ang lupit mo.” Teacher Steph also laughs. J looks at Teacher Steph then says “ Turn on the aircon Teacher .” At the end of the session, J notices that the session is done and says “ I’m done. I’m great.” Mom noticed yesterday that J ‘s sensitivity to sound lessened.

3rd Day : J entered the room. He said “Listen to music. Listen to car. Sit down. Wee wee. He would say this throughout the session. He even said “Are you done? Are you done? Finish!” He would repeat words and phrases and shout from time to time during the session.

4th Day: J is behaved during the 1st round. On the 2nd session, J said “ Get ears” “J will get ears. Wee wee. No. Get earring. “ He was very restless and would shout. “Teacher Steph “ several times. “ Wee wee” He would say “I’m done” or “ Bye bye” even if session is not done yet. At the end of the session, he is able to say “ I’m done” without prompting.

5th Day: 1st session: J said “ I’m done “and “Great Job” without prompting. 2nd session. Mom stays outside. J is able to behave and immediately says “ Done” when the music is done.

6th Day: J would go in and sit down. It took a while to convince him to lie down and relax. Lights were turned off for J to help him relax. J would would telling Teacher “ turn on the light” or “ Done” or “Mika sit down ! (referring to the yaya). He would quiet down and listen when Teacher gave him a choice between “turning on the lights “ or “turning off the aircon”. J would say “ don’t turn off aircon”. After the session, J said “Great job. 2 + 2 =20. I’m done. On the 2nd session, J was relatively behaved, Teacher Steph closed the lights so that he could relax more. He would say “ Kati ilong” several times and was able to say “ Done” after the music ended.

7th session: J is disruptive he tries to insist on what he wants. He shouts to get Teacher Steph’s attention. He says “ Done” even if the session isn’t done. He shouts “Wee wee” in order to stop the session. He commands his Yaya “ Sit down Ate Mika.” He tries twisting his head left and right to get the headphones off. After 15 minutes of this, he relaxes and tries to close his eyes when told to close his eyes. At the end he say’s “ I’m done. Great job.”

8th session: J “ Listen to ears. I want earrings. Listen to music.” Teacher Steph. “ Quiet please.” J “ Teacher Steph ! Teacher Steph! Turn on lights. Listen to music then go home. Go home to emerald tower.” J would say “ Kati leeg” and not stop unless his yaya rubs his neck. J says “I’m done” immediately after the session.

9th Day: J tended to be disruptive this morning. He would try to dislodge headphones. He would shout “Teacher Steph” and “Turn on the lights.” Teacher Steph asked him to choose “Turn on lights “ or “Turn off aircon”. He said “No. No turn off aircon.” At the end of the session, Teacher Steph did not immediately remove headphones and J said “ Are you done? Are you done? “ Teacher Steph asked, “Are you done? “ J said “I’m done” On the 2nd session, J said “ Listen to ears. Listen to ears. Get ears. “ He also told Teacher Steph to “Turn off lights.” As his mom was there, J was very much behaved. He said “I’m done.” several times before Teacher Steph and Mom noticed that he was really done.

10th Day: J was able to be behaved today. He would listen when Teacher Steph would tell him to be quiet. He only shouted once or twice. He seemed to understand better than he needed to listen and to be quiet during the session. When the session ended, he announced several times, that the session was done. He said “ I’m done. I’m done.” J was also behaved during the second session. It’s easier to make him understand that he needs to listen, although he will still try to say things like “wee wee” or “done “ for Teacher Steph to remove the headphones. He said “ I’m done” as soon as the session was done.

He cooperated very well when asked to do his AIT drawings. Teacher noted that he was able to write his first, second and last name completely, whereas during the first session, he wrote only his first and last name.

His demeanor was also better, he would complete the tasks and color and draw within the areas when asked. He also demonstrates better control of his fine motor skills.


He is also less focused on his fascination with electric fans. Mom also noticed that J’s sensitivity to sounds have lessened. He also tends to be able to understand instructions better than before.

J is due for AIT the following year.